About Us

Nova Laser Center is a company  dedicated to skin care and Laser hair removal. We believe aesthetic treatments should not be painful or complicated. We use the latest and most advanced lasers making it possible for us to achieve optimal results. Our lasers  are designed for all skin types, allowing us to treat a broad range of clients. It also allows our clients to continue their treatment all year without having to interrupt their lifestyles.

Our esthetician, Massiel Pena is New York  State Licensed and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and Accounting. She is highly trained and has dedicated herself to laser hair removal for years. Massiel has completed several trainings in which she learned  about new technologies as well as new techniques and skills that allows her to give the best treatment to her clients. She is committed to continue training and seminars to stay up to date with new technologies and give clients the best service possible.

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